Can A Person With Diabetes Have Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Can A Person With Diabetes Have Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

July 6, 2021

As a diabetic patient, there are certain limitations you may experience when it comes to extracting a tooth. You may find out that you may not be able to get tooth extraction without following some due process, or you may not be able to get one at all if you do not meet specific requirements. These all points to why you must be very informed about tooth extraction before getting one.

A diabetic patient can have a tooth extraction with the guide of a dentist. This means that they would have a successful tooth extraction as long as they follow a dentist’s advice or prescription. That been said, some common questions are if diabetic patients can have a wisdom tooth extraction. We will be discussing this in this article.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Wisdom teeth are supposed to last through a person’s lifetime with good oral care, but several issues could arise that may require a tooth extraction. Several situations could prompt wisdom tooth extraction: infection, tooth decay, poor teeth alignment, crooked teeth, gingivitis, impacted tooth, and accidents.

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of wisdom tooth extraction in teens and adults and is caused by several factors like poor oral health and high consumption of sugary foods.


Diabetes is a common disease that affects anyone irrespective of age, though it is more common in adults. It is characterized by excessive urine and is caused by the body’s inability to utilize the blood sugar needed for energy purposes. The body depends on the pancreas to release insulin to use blood sugar. When the pancreas struggles to release insulin, there will be an increase in blood sugar, which becomes detrimental to the internal organs.

Diabetes And Tooth Extractions.

Thousands of bacteria live around us and in our mouths too. High blood sugar is a favorable condition that allows bacteria to thrive. Bacteria will multiply and affect your teeth and gums if the blood sugar is higher than what your body can handle, thereby destroying the tissues and fibers that link the teeth to the gum. This would cause the soft tissue to become inflamed and loosed, giving room to periodontal.
Patients with diabetes are at a higher risk of having tooth decay or periodontal disease than others without diabetes. This is because high blood sugar weakens the immune system. Old age can lead to an increase or decrease in blood sugar and put seniors at risk of periodontal disease. Acute gum disease can spike blood sugar levels and pose a challenge for persons with diabetes.

Extracting The Wisdom Tooth Of A Diabetic Patient.

Before extraction can be done for a diabetic patient, their blood sugar level must be examined and should not be higher than 13mmmol/L. A high blood sugar level will delay the healing process after the extraction. However, if an extraction is necessary, treatment and therapy will be administered to control the blood level to avoid common conditions like delayed blood clotting, cytokines, osteomyelitis, and hyperglycemia.

When trying to control your blood sugar, you would be placed on medication for two weeks to monitor your blood sugar until it becomes stable enough for the extraction. This period requires proper care, and you may be asked to avoid particular food and behaviors. However, if successful, your dentist will carry out the extraction with minimum to zero complications, and you will recover quite quickly.

Wisdom tooth extraction or extraction in general as a diabetic patient requires extra care. You will also need to find out what a person with diabetes can eat after the procedure, outlining why it is necessary to visit a dentist specializing in tooth extraction for diabetic patients. You can get this type of dentist in new jersey by searching the key phrase “emergency dentist near union NJ” or dentist in 07083 to book an appointment.

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