Discolored Teeth Aren't Aesthetically Pleasing: Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Appearance

Discolored Teeth Aren't Aesthetically Pleasing: Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Appearance

May 1, 2021

A set of discolored teeth aren’t aesthetically pleasing and make you hide your smile whenever you meet anyone. The apprehensions when smiling makes people believe you are unapproachable for unknown reasons or perhaps not caring for your oral health. Instead of living with your discolored teeth, you must seek smile makeover treatments from the dental clinic 07083, providing teeth whitening treatments in the dental office.

Teeth whitening is the most affordable procedure available from cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Dentists providing the treatment ensure you don’t confront gum irritation by safeguarding your mouth’s soft tissues before proceeding with the teeth whitening treatment. When you visit the dental clinic specified, you get what you pay for because teeth whitening treatments from qualified dentists cost more than those provided by beauty salons and over-the-counter products. However, if you want instant results without any harm to the soft tissues of your mouth, your best bet is to invest in teeth whitening from a dentist.

Why Must You Consider Teeth Whitening from a Qualified Dentist?

You may hate dental visits or dislike the higher prices charged by dentists for a routine treatment like teeth whitening. You think getting your teeth whitened from home by using over-the-counter products is an affordable option. However, it would help if you understand products available in drugstores are merely dispensing teeth whiteners without bleaching agents. All toothpaste is sold as a whitening agent without giving you information about the ingredients within.

You can purchase a dozen teeth whiteners from the drugstore and continue using them for as long as you want with the knowledge that you are likely to disappoint yourself. The products function just like your regular toothpaste without delivering the results you want and remove stubborn declaration. Eventually, you become frustrated and dump the products in the waste bin as a waste of time and money.

The enticing prices offered by beauty salons may also catch your attention because many promise teeth bleaching at unbelievable prices. Here again, you are entrusting your teeth to an unqualified professional without knowledge of your facial anatomy or anything about dental health.

Beauty salons aren’t allowed to provide teeth bleaching treatments because they can cause tooth sensitivity besides gum irritation leaving you with more damage than any benefit. The prices they offer are affordable because these fly-by-night operators and shut shop and vanish, unlike dentists with a reputation to guard.

What Is Teeth Bleaching and How Is It Different?

Teeth bleaching is the method of removing teeth discoloration on the interior or exterior using concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching treatments from a qualified dentist help remove external stains from foods and beverages on your enamel and internal strains from the use of medicines, infections, and injuries from your dentin.

When you approach the dentist in union for teeth bleaching, the professional evaluate your teeth to determine whether gum disease or severe tooth decay affects you. If you have either, your candidature for teeth whitening is not approved. Instead, the dentist requests you to have both treated before you proceed with whitening your teeth.

If you are found suitable for teeth whitening, the dentist initially cleans your teeth to ensure no plaque buildup remains on them. Dental plaque is a cause of teeth discoloration, and getting your teeth whitened without removing plaque buildup from your teeth does not deliver effective results.

After cleaning your teeth, a dentist prepares you for the bleaching treatment by shielding your gums and lips with a rubber dam to ensure the hydrogen peroxide does not leak to irritate the soft tissues. The dentist then applies concentrated hydrogen peroxide leaving it on your teeth for 15-minute intervals shining a bright light on it for faster results. The peroxide solution is used four times in an hour, with the light glaring away at your teeth. At the end of the treatment, the color of your teeth changes by three to eight shades, leaving you with a brighter smile.

Dentists also provide at-home whitening trays with gel to maintain the whiteness of the in-office treatment. You receive instructions on how and when the at-home trays are best used and for how long.

Teeth whitening treatment will eliminate most discoloration from your teeth but is not permanent. You must avoid staining foods and beverages besides maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing diligently and visiting your dentist frequently for prophylaxis. With good dental hygiene, teeth whitening results are held for about six months to three years, but the treatments need repetition.

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