Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

July 1, 2022

When preventing tooth decay in children, fluoride treatments are a potent weapon in the armory of dentists. Children receive six monthly fluoride treatments from the union dentist. The fluoride starts working instantly after providing it in gel, varnish, foam, or as a rinse to strengthen tooth enamel by attacking bacteria that cause multiple problems.

Adults do not always receive fluoride treatments as part of their visits to their dentists. Fluoride is considered a treatment for children besides flavored toothpaste. However, the ADA recommends adult fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months and the benefits are obvious to adults receiving the treatment regularly. In reality, fluoride treatments union for adults delivers improvements in the patient’s dental health.

Let us look closer to understand why adults need fluoride treatments besides children.

The Reality Behind the Science

Fluoride treatments are an excellent way to remain on top of your general oral hygiene regimen. If you use toothpaste or mouthwash with recommended levels of fluoride, you are well on your way to keeping the harmful mouth bacteria in check. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing aren’t sufficient and frequent attacks on the bacteria and plaque is essential. Nevertheless, studies reveal that everyone benefits from fluoride to battle tooth decay, and treatment from a dentist can prove helpful.

Fluoride treatments provided by dentists contain higher concentrations of fluoride than available in toothpaste and mouth rinses which cling to the cavity-causing bacteria helping to remove them from your mouth. A simple fluoride treatment requires merely a few minutes to complete and requires you to refrain from eating or drinking anything for approximately 30 minutes. You must be mindful of the restrictions the dentist places upon you when providing fluoride treatments.

Why Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatments?

Added Strength to Tooth Enamel

Everyone battles against cavities from childhood through adolescence. Unfortunately, as we age, other issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and deteriorating roots become a threat to your oral health. When left untreated, you might experience tooth loss, and other conditions can also lead to the development of diseases in the mouth. Therefore visits to the dentist are essential during adulthood, similar to childhood.

When dentists recommend fluoride treatments, they also consider the strengthening effects of the substance. Fluoride has additional electrons, which help it adhere to the calcium in your tooth to strengthen the enamel coating. Your mouth bacteria constantly try to erode tooth enamel which is the protective outer layer of the tooth. However, fluoride treatments enhance the enamel strength giving it an opportunity to battle against future attacks. Fluoride treatments also tackle the growth of bacteria in the mouth to provide you with a clean slate when leaving the dental practice.

Throughout your life, you try to damage your teeth by having pigmented foods and beverages and seek whitening treatments from dentists to display a brighter smile. Do you know that you receive fluoride treatments after teeth whitening in union, NJ? The dentist cares for your dental health and provides the treatment as a measure to battle against cavities for several months when receiving a cosmetic dental procedure.

Your teeth also get damaged by impacts, and sweet desserts weaken the tooth enamel. It is why you must adopt steps to keep your teeth healthy.

Getting to the Problems Roots

Over 50 years root decay is a significant problem because it undermines the tooth. If left untreated expensive and invasive treatments are the only solution to relieve chronic pain. Fluoride treatments attack the bacteria causing the decay to slow its progress and reverse mild decay in many cases.

Fluoride treatments from your dentist might only require a few minutes but provide long-term benefits, especially when you receive these therapies regularly. Therefore as an adult, you mustn’t overlook your responsibility of strengthening your tooth enamel because your mouth bacteria is always active in its effort to create cavities and other conditions in your teeth.

Best of all, fluoride treatments are incredibly affordable. The only discomfort you experience is sitting with your mouth open for a few minutes as the dentist completes the application and refraining from eating for the next 30 minutes. It might appear as a significant problem to undergo treatment from your dentist. However, please imagine how much time you might need to have a cavity filled or undergo intensive therapy like root canal treatment and get dental crowns because you ignored fluoride treatments and allowed cavities to develop in your mouth? We are confident you will prefer to get fluoride treatments even as an adult to safeguard your teeth and finances.

If you think you will benefit from fluoride treatments, Emerald Dental Spa provides them in union for your benefit. Kindly schedule an appointment with this practice today to receive fluoride treatments for your teeth.

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