Does Sparkling Water Affect Your Teeth?

Does Sparkling Water Affect Your Teeth?

September 1, 2022

Do you have your favorite brand of flavored sparkling water? You might find it crisp, refreshing, and without calories. You might also feel proud about your choice of beverages, thinking the incredibly escalating sales of sparkling water in America makes you join millions who believe the drink is healthy.


Do you know how your pearly whites get impacted by your beverage choices? Is sparkling water bad for your dental health? This article provides the answers you seek to confirm sparkling water is bad for your teeth. Kindly spare some time to learn more about how sparkling water affects your dental health.


The Impact of Sparkling Water on Your Teeth


If you ask the Union dentist for their opinion of soda, they would recommend you avoid it for two significant reasons. Firstly soda is abundant in sugar, responsible for tooth decay and cavities. Secondly, sodas are highly acidic and contribute to enamel erosion. Therefore, the dentist recommends you include healthier alternatives such as milk or unsweetened sparkling water instead of viewing soda as a beverage.


What Are the Effects of Sparkling Water on Your Teeth?


Carbonation causes the fizzy refreshment in the beverage called sparkling water you favor. Therefore if you wonder whether sparkling water is harmful to your teeth, you help yourself by hearing what the Journal of American Dental Association study found that most sports drinks were incredibly erosive. In contrast, they found sparkling waters minimally erosive.


You might inquire how minimally erosive equates with harmful or which is better or detrimental for you. If you are the average healthy individual sugar-free carbonated beverages will likely not be the primary cavity-causing factor, states a US News & world report article. However, it doesn’t mean sparkling water is healthy for you. You might want to replace soda with sparkling water, but you shouldn’t replace water with fluoride for the sparkling counterpart.


Optimal Techniques to Protect Your Teeth


Here are some techniques you can adopt if you wish to battle against cavities, gum disease, and enamel erosion.


Brush with especially fluoridated toothpaste to help strengthen tooth enamel and remineralize natural calcium to protect against tooth sensitivity.

Floss at least once daily to eliminate cavity-causing bacteria from dental plaque besides gum disease after hardening into tartar from your teeth.

Visit the dentist in Union frequently for exams and cleanings to detect indicators of tooth decay and gum disease early when treatments to cure the condition to deliver the best outcomes.


While adopting the techniques suggested, you must ensure you prevent sparkling water and replace it with fluoridated water if available in your community or receive in-office fluoride treatments as recommended by your dentist to protect your teeth.


Does Sparkling Water Also Affect the Gums?


The responsible microorganisms for cavities and gum disease are the same and are deposited by the plaque accumulating on your teeth. While some bacteria cause enamel erosion to penetrate your tooth to create holes in them, the others remain hidden in the tartar that forms 48 hours after plaque remains on your teeth without elimination from brushing or flossing. Tartar results in gum disease that causes bleeding, pain, and problems when brushing and flossing in the initial stages.


If you don’t control the early stages of gum disease gingivitis soon as you notice the bleeding when brushing and flossing, the condition progresses to periodontitis, a severe infection that leads to gum recession and tooth loss. In addition, gum recession requires you to undergo gum surgery in Union to reattach the receded gums to your teeth to prevent additional bacteria from infecting the hollow space.


Unfortunately, if you experience tooth loss, you have no alternative but to seek replacement solutions with surgical dentistry Union, NJ, if you intend to have a permanent option for the missing teeth with dental implants, which is called the gold standard for tooth replacements.


Replacing missing teeth is not just harmful to your financial health but also requires you to schedule multiple appointments with the surgical specialist besides spending months in recovery mode before you can close the gap in your mouth with natural-looking artificial teeth. All this and more merely because you thought your beverage choices were healthy by having sparkling water instead of sodas.


Now that you understand the reality of sparkling water and the fact that it isn’t harmful to your teeth and also have information about how to keep your teeth healthy without giving up the fizzy drinks, we are confident you will make choices as best for your dental health.


Emerald Dental Spa in Union recommends you avoid acidic and sugary sparkling water in favor of alternatives to benefit your oral health. Kindly arrange your appointment with them today to receive the help you need to avoid the harmful effects of sparkling water early because the treatment you receive delivers the best outcomes.

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