How Can I Reshape My Gums?

How Can I Reshape My Gums?

March 1, 2023

When it comes to a perfect smile, white teeth are not the only requirement. The shape of your gums plays a significant role. Sometimes, people feel dissatisfied with their gums’ shape. It is the situation where “Gum Contouring” comes into play.

What is Gum Contouring?

It is a process of reshaping your gums. During the procedure, your dentist may cut the excessive gum tissues. If you are bothered by gum receding, the process is all about restoring them. If we talk about gum reshaping or contouring, the procedure has nothing to do with medical needs. But in most situations, it is carried out to improve the aesthetics of the gums, teeth, and your smile.

Although the professional carries out contouring for aesthetic purposes in many cases, you can’t deny its medical need. For gingival sculpting in Union, NJ, you can contact the dentist in Union, NJ at any time.

The Procedure of Gum Contouring?

The process is usually carried out on patients by cosmetic dentists. In general cases, the excessive tissues get removed. If you have receding gums, then there is an addition of tissues.

When you visit your dentist to have the procedure after doing all necessary check-ups and examinations. During the process, he/she will keep you under the effect of anesthesia and will use a scalpel to remove excessive tissues.

In today’s time, laser treatment is in full swing. So, if patients have soft tissues, dental experts use the latest technology to remove them. If you have gum-receding problems, there is a need to add tissues. Your dentist will remove tissue from the other part of your mouth. He/she will place the removed tissues in the desired place.

A minor surgery will be carried around your gum line to strengthen and secure this newly added tissue. Usually, the procedure will take 2 hours to complete, but the length will depend on the requirements of the individual’s gumline.

Is Contouring Hurtful?

Usually, the process is not painful because the professional carry it out under anesthesia. But when a patient comes out from the effect, there is a possibility for pain and discomfort.

After completing the process, your dentist will suggest painkillers and some instructions. You should follow the medication and instructions so that you return to your normal life quickly. You can get relief from pain by applying a cold compress/hot compress for a few initial days. It will help you to get relieved and relaxed.

Full Recovery

You can expect a little bit of difficulty after contouring has been done on your gums. The discomfort will be more if the procedure is on more teeth.
Although the procedure is simple and easy on patients. One should stop day-to-day activities for 2-3 days. You can take more days off if there is more tenderness and pain. Eat soft food in the initial days. Immediately after the procedure, your gums are tender and soft. In those days, you should eat food like Soup and Yogurt, etc.

Your dentist will provide a complete list of food you must include in your diet and the ones you should avoid. For faster recovery, you should stick with the do’s and don’ts as instructed by your doctor.

After the procedure finishes inside your mouth, don’t forget about the routine check-up. Fix an appointment with your dentist to make sure to get your recovery checked. Your visit to the dentist will not only tell you about the progress you are making. But there will be a check on your gums for infections also.

Risks Involved

If we talk about the risks, there are minimal chances. But, if the patient does not take proper care and attention, there might be a formation of infection. Some people might have side effects from anesthesia. There are no chances for severe risks. If the patient follows the instructions of the dentist, then there are no chances for future complications.

Gum contouring is something that makes your smile more charming and beautiful. The process is quite useful. But one has to choose a professional and qualified dentist in Union, NJ. If you need an authentic and qualified place for contouring, nothing could be more suitable than Emerald Dental Spa.

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