Preparing Yourself for Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Preparing Yourself for Wisdom Tooth Surgery

June 1, 2022

Wisdom tooth surgery is relatively standard in the United States, and the dentist Union, NJ, perform these extractions on many teenagers and adults. However, the procedure is slightly different from regular tooth extractions because it requires a surgical process under full anesthesia.

When you contact the dentist for which tooth extraction Union, NJ, they examine your teeth by taking x-rays to determine the tooth’s position to prepare a treatment plan for your surgical process. The dental professional will discuss anesthesia options with you before the procedure. The discussion is to determine whether you are comfortable with local anesthesia in the mouth or need alternatives like oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia to render you unconscious during your surgery.

Why Can’t You Retain Your Wisdom Teeth?

Retaining your wisdom teeth is a considerable challenge after they emerge between 17 and 25 when your jawbone has inadequate space to accommodate them. In addition, wisdom teeth often emerge horizontally to remain trapped inside your gum line, causing you pain and infections in the mouth. They also impact your oral health, compelling you to consider wisdom tooth extraction in the union after discussing it with your dentist.

Wisdom teeth are challenging to clean as they are located at the very back of your mouth and make you prone to conditions like tooth decay and gum disease requiring regular treatments from dentists, costing you a lot more to maintain the wisdom tooth than getting the tooth pulled surgically by an experienced dentist.

A wisdom tooth extraction shouldn’t concern you because surgical dentistry ensures you are entirely comfortable before the dentist makes incisions in your gums to expose the tooth and removes any bone surrounding the tooth before extracting it to remove a problematic tooth from your mouth. However, before scheduling your procedure for wisdom teeth removal, your dentist suggests you prepare for the procedure in advance to ensure you don’t confront challenges after undergoing the process.

What Preparations Are Advised by the Dentist?

  • Dentists recommend you refrain from eating or drinking after midnight on the day before your surgery. The restriction is for your safety because administering anesthesia on a full stomach causes regurgitation and obstruction of your airway, which is a severe complication. Dentists advise you not to risk the situation.
  • If you take over-the-counter or prescription medicines for any reason, provide the information to your dentist. If your body is accustomed to certain drugs and medications, they can cause unsafe interactions with anesthesia. You help yourself and your dentist by providing unbiased information about the medicines you take. Furthermore, you must discuss the use of recreational drugs or alcohol because it allows the dental professional to prepare for challenges in advance.
  • Do not smoke 12 hours before your surgical procedure and at least 48 hours after the surgery, or quit the habit for your overall health.
  • Get your place ready for your recovery because you will likely rest for about 48 hours and might require reading material or entertainment easily accessible in or near your bed.
  • You need to keep yourself nourished after the tooth pulling but will not be in a position to go shopping after wisdom tooth removal. Therefore you must stock your pantry before the surgery with soft foods such as mashed potatoes, ice cream, smoothies, et cetera.
  • Arrive for your appointment in comfortable clothing because the staff at the clinic needs access to your arms and body to monitor your vital signs after administering anesthesia.
  • Driving back home after your surgical procedure is challenging and better avoided because the anesthesia makes you incapable of operating vehicles. Therefore you must have a trusted family member or friend drive you to and from your appointment and remain with you after returning home for at least a couple of hours.
  • Before stepping into the surgical room, consider leaving your cell phone with your family members because dentists do not permit them in the surgical room.

After your surgery, the dentist recommends you rest for at least 24 hours before getting into your regular activities and avoid spitting or rinsing vigorously for fear of dislodging the blood clot from the extraction site. You might experience some bleeding during the first day of your surgery with discomfort from the process. Dentists recommend a prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers to help you manage the discomfort. If you notice swelling on your cheeks, you can use a cold compress on your face for as long as you want from when you return home from the surgery.

Before the surgery for wisdom tooth removal, the preparation makes it comfortable for you to recover quickly after having the problematic tooth removed from the mouth. In addition, the surgical process ensures it provides you freedom from dental infections and other complications that bothered you when you had the unwise wisdom tooth in your mouth.

Emerald Dental Spa performs many wisdom tooth removal surgeries on teenagers and adults, providing them comprehensive instructions on the preparation and after-care of this surgical procedure. If you must have your wisdom tooth removed, please do not hesitate to contact this practice for the removal and quick recovery.

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