Should You Trust Laser Cavity Detection?

Should You Trust Laser Cavity Detection?

July 1, 2023

Many facets of dentistry are revolutionized by advances in dentistry technology. Whether you visit your dentist to replace missing teeth or have a cavity detected in your tooth, dentists receive help from dentistry advances because they use different methods to see them.

Although tooth decay is a chronic dental health problem among children and adults, many people do not realize fillings are not the only remedy for cavities, especially when they are detected early. Earlier cavity detection techniques include x-rays, dental, probing, et cetera. Unfortunately, the manual methods for detecting cavities provide late results showing significant structural damage making dental fillings essential.

Modern dental technology has improved everything and improved the methods of cavity detection before the bacteria compromise the tooth structure by introducing laser cavity detection using the DIAGNOdent laser device to help with early cavity detection.

What Is the DIAGNOdent Laser Device

The DIAGNOdent laser device uses a fluorescent laser to help identify cavities as they begin to form. The laser can find the minutest braces of tooth decay, assisting the dentist in Union, NJ, to start treating the holes when they have begun to form and have not created sufficient structural damage to take a toll on your tooth.

The dentist uses laser dentistry to scan difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth suitable for holes. When the laser identifies cavities, it makes a beeping sound and emits a fluorescent light to notify the dentist of imperfections in your tooth. The laser helps the dentist to take timely action against the cavity. When a hole in your tooth is detected early, you benefit by only needing a minor filling and receiving quick treatment while fixing your tooth.

Is Laser Cavity Detection Accurate?

Disputing the benefits of laser dentistry is an error better not committed. Recent studies confirmed that while x-rays detected early dental caries in 27 percent of patients, laser cavity detection with the DIAGNOdent laser delivered 93 percent results for early cavities. In addition, not every hole detected by lasers require treatment with fillings because when the dental office Union is aware of cavities in your teeth, they monitor the area to safeguard the health of your teeth and smile. In addition, the DIAGNOdent laser offers unique benefits over conventional cavity detection. The benefits include over 90 percent accuracy when detecting decay that wasn’t revealed in x-rays or with an explorer, minimal misdiagnoses to prevent unnecessary invasive treatment of holes, precise and reliable measurement tools to give the dentist real-time data to help monitor the cavity over time besides helping you and your dentist understand they are treating suspicious areas and subsurface cavities accurately.

Lasers are interactive to keep you engaged during your examination and safe because they don’t expose you to radiation because they use light energy. Most importantly, laser treatments are painless and help you receive non-invasive reviews for identifying cavities. Therefore there is no cause for you to remain suspicious about the accuracy of laser cavity detection.

How Does Laser Cavity Detection Work?

Laser cavity detection is one of the many modern dental devices introduced by the advances in dentistry to make identifying early cavities easy to prevent needing invasive treatments.

Laser cavity detection with the DIAGNOdent laser uses the lightwave infection visible to identify cavities by measuring changes in the tooth’s structure internally and externally, delivering 90 percent accurate results. When the laser detects a hole, it reflects light, enabling the dentist to estimate the cavity size by looking at the intensity of light reflected.

The DIAGNOdent laser device is approved for cavity detection by the US FDA and the ADA. NYT and WSJ have both spoken highly about the DIAGNOdent detection device using lasers, claiming that over 20,000 dentists in the country are now switching on the power of the DIAGNOdent device for cavity detection.

If your dentist uses a strange-looking wand in your mouth during your routine dental exam without asking you to provide x-rays, do not be alarmed because they are trying to detect early cavities in your teeth to provide timely treatment before your mouth bacteria structurally damage your tooth. Instead, thank your dentist for investing in modern dental devices to make treatments less invasive and become adept at safeguarding the health of your teeth and smile.

Do you fear dental visits because you think the dental exam might reveal cavities with structural damage in your tooth to need dental fillings? If you schedule your appointment with Emerald Dental Spa, they use the most updated dentistry techniques and technology to identify early cavities to ensure you will not need invasive treatments later. Therefore why not schedule your appointment with them to examine and clean your teeth and detect cavities, if any, early and receive timely and non-invasive treatment?

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