Dental Implants
Patient Guide: Education Is Important

Dental Implants:

CIMS Dentistry

Dental implants are the best and ultimate option for all types of missing teeth (single/multiple/all)

    • Placement of implant is a very simple and highly specialized procedure carried out under local anesthesia. After a minimum of three months healing the replacement tooth is attached on top.
    • Implants are not expensive but cost effective than conventional treatment like bridges and denture. This is life time solution as implants will stay in your jaw forever. You will get artificial teeth that look, feel and work like your own natural teeth.
    • We have best technology and instruments for implants like kit for different systems, physio-dispenser sinus lift kit etc.
    • If bone is less even then we can manage placing implants with specialized techniques.
    • One should not neglect missing teeth in their mouth as it creates new problems like
      CIMS Dentistry
      1. They break your confidence and self-esteem if they are front teeth.
      2. They create chewing problems if they are molars (back teeth).
      3. When tooth is missing, adjacent teeth starts migrating towards that gap and the migrating teeth become loose and create problems in bite which in turn causes jaw pain, headache, fast wearing of remaining teeth.
      4. Missing teeth creates gum disease and poor oral hygiene as food gets trapped between the gap.
    • At Emerald Dental Spa, we improve the quality of life with DENTAL IMPLANTS
      1. Improved aesthetic
      2. Preserved facial structure
      3. Improved chewing function and confidence
      4. Improved dental hygiene
      5. Replacement of a whole missing tooth (root)
      6. Avoiding the need to prepare adjacent teeth, since a conventional bridge is not used

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