Dental Sealants in Union, NJ

Are you familiar with dental sealants? Though dentists near you commonly offer sealants, not everyone knows what they are. Sealants near you are worth considering and discussing with our dentists in Union, NJ.

Dental sealants are used for preventive purposes. They protect your teeth from normal damage and decay over time.

If you would like to learn more about sealants, contact our dentists at Emerald Dental Spa. Our dentists would be happy to help you learn more and tell you about your options.

What is the Sealant Application Process Like?

When it’s time to get sealants, one of our dentists will paint the material onto your molars. The material, which is a coating that is called sealant, is thin. It feels like plastic.

One of our dentists will apply the material to the tops of your bottom molars and the bottoms of your top molars. The sealant material is applied to these surfaces because they are the chewing surfaces. They are susceptible to damage and decay.

Throughout the process, one of our dentists will keep your teeth clean and dry. Cotton is often placed around the teeth. An acid solution is used prior to the sealant material, as this helps the material bond to the teeth better.

After the sealant material is applied, it must dry. To complete the process, the teeth are rinsed and dried.

Who Should Consider Sealants?

Sealants are not required for anyone in particular. You should talk to one of our dentists to see if sealants are right for you.

Often, dentists recommend sealants to kids, as they are more likely to have tooth decay. Because sealants can help prevent cavities, anyone who gets cavities can consider sealants.

Who Should Consider Sealants
Are Sealants Permanent

Are Sealants Permanent?

Sealants can last up to 10 years. Keep in mind that your specific results will vary. You should talk to our dentists about how long sealants last.

Our dentists can help you to understand how sealants work. We would also be happy to help you learn more about all of your options for protecting your teeth. To learn more about sealants, call our dentists at Emerald Dental Spa.

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