Laser Cavity Detection in Union, NJ
Laser Cavity Detection

Are you concerned about the health of your teeth and want to do all that you can to prevent cavities and tooth decay? Thanks to laser cavity detection, we can determine the health of your teeth and stop cavities before they start.

At Emerald Dental Spa in Union, NJ, we use this advanced dental procedure to ensure that your smile maintains its health and luster. If you are interested in trying this innovative treatment option, we encourage you to give us a call.

We are pleased to accept patients of all ages, so feel free to schedule appointments for your whole family. With laser cavity detection, our dentists can help you and your loved ones enjoy a safer, healthier smile.

How Does It Work?

Laser cavity detection works by scanning the surface of your teeth. When this revolutionary tool detects decay hidden beneath your teeth, it lets our dentists know so that the necessary steps can be taken to ensure the health of your teeth.

Thanks to the incredible accuracy of laser cavity detection, our dentists can use simple preventive treatments, like dental sealants or fluoride treatments, to prevent tooth decay from developing any further.

What’s more, laser cavity detection is totally painless and completely safe. It is even more effective than X-rays for detecting cavities. That’s why this procedure is great for children and adults alike.

When the laser is applied to your teeth, light is reflected back in different manners. One way tells our dentists that your teeth are healthy, while another lets them know that it’s time to start preventive treatment.

Comprehensive Detection

Cavities that are on your tooth’s exterior are rather easy to detect and treat. However, you are likely to require dental fillings to restore your tooth’s health. With laser cavity detection, we can see a cavity before it even has a chance to develop, thus avoiding the need for fillings.

If you are ready to give your teeth the best protection against cavities, call Emerald Dental Spa today. We will be happy to schedule you to meet with our dentists.

Comprehensive Detection

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