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Laser Cavity Detection

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What is the Laser Cavity Detection?

Laser cavity Detection is a revolutionary technology that can help us detect areas of decay before they are able to be seen on a routine dental x-ray. In some cases, cavities go unnoticed and cannot be seen with either an x-ray or through a physical examination. In order to find and treat cavities before they get worse, this technology is helpful in giving us a clear view of your oral health. By using a low-light laser, the system actually picks up and finds areas of decay on all surfaces of the tooth. 

Why would Laser Cavity Detection be needed?

Whether you think you may have a cavity or we suspect that there is decay that isn’t showing on a dental x-ray, laser cavity detection is the best tool for the job. This amazing instrument implements a rapid scan of the tooth. This scan shows us if there is decay present within the tooth. From there, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to restore the tooth and remove the decay. 

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Who is a candidate for Laser Cavity Detectioin?

Laser cavity detection is safe and uses intelligent light laser technology to detect cavities. Because of this, the vast majority of our patients can benefit from this revolutionary system. In fact, it should only take about three seconds to scan a tooth for hard-to-spot areas of decay. We welcome all of our patients to see just how this technology works and how beneficial it can be to your oral health. 

What can be expected during Laser Cavity Detection?

You will be seated comfortably in one of our examination rooms. We then use a small handheld device that will deliver light pulses to the tooth itself. This device is aimed at all areas and sides of the tooth. We are then provided with results to help us in finding cavities that are small or hard to spot on x-rays and with a typical dental exam. Depending on the results of the scans, we will create a treatment plan that will help to restore the tooth. 

If you’d like to learn more about laser cavity detection and how it works, call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. 

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