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Root Canals

Have you ever had a root canal? If not, you may need root canal therapy at some time in your life. This is a common procedure that our dentists near you perform every day.

If you aren’t sure what root canal therapy is, learning about it can help to ease your fears. Then, when it’s time for a root canal, you will know what to expect.

Our dentists at Emerald Dental Spa offer root canal therapy near you. If you want to learn more about root canal therapy, contact our office today.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the procedure done when the inside of the tooth is inflamed. In some cases, our dentists are able to preserve the tooth. Our dentists will attempt to save the tooth, but in some cases, this isn’t possible.

Inside of the tooth, there is pulp. The pulp is made up of cells, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Inflammation usually occurs due to dental decay and tooth fractures. Inflammation can also occur due to infection. When this happens, the pulp can swell, which is why you may feel pain.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

The first step of getting root canal therapy is going to the dentist. When you visit our dentists in Union, NJ, and tell us about your tooth pain or other issues, we will determine the necessary action. You may need root canal therapy or a different procedure.

Our dentists will take an x-ray to get a better look at the tooth. Local anesthetic is used so part of your mouth is numb during the procedure. Our dentists create a barrier between the inflamed tooth and the rest of your mouth to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The pulp is removed with a dental drill. Then, the tooth is cleaned. Our dentists then use gutta-percha, which is a rubber-like material. This is used to close the site prior to a crown being placed.

Call our dentists in Union, NJ, today if you’re in need of root canal therapy. Our dentists at Emerald Dental Spa can help!

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work

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