Tooth Extractions in Union, NJ

Have you ever had a tooth extracted? If not, you might be wondering when extractions are necessary.

Dental extractions are often needed if a tooth cannot be saved. Damaged and infected teeth sometimes need to be extracted if they cannot be preserved.

Our dentists in Union, NJ, try to preserve teeth in any way possible, but in some situations, an extraction is necessary. Extractions are a common dental procedure, and they are done for a variety of reasons.

Our dentists near you at Emerald Dental Spa offer extractions in Union, NJ.

Why Do People Need Extractions?

In most cases, our dentists can treat a damaged or infected tooth. There are several reasons that an extraction is needed.

First, extractions are often done if the teeth are crowding. If there isn’t enough space in between your teeth, you may experience alignment issues. To help with this, an extraction can create additional space.

Wisdom teeth sometimes need to be extracted. Extractions are sometimes needed before someone gets braces too.

If you have a dental abscess, the tooth may need to be extracted. When the tooth root and tissue are infected, a root canal is recommended. If a root canal cannot be done, an extraction may be needed.

If you have tooth decay or a damaged tooth for any reason, you will get a filling. In some cases, a filling is not sufficient.

How is a Tooth Extraction Done?

A tooth extraction may be a new experience for you. Be sure to ask our dentists if you are curious about the procedure.

First, you will receive a local anesthetic. This will keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Next, the gum and tissue are removed. The tooth can then be removed in small pieces or on its own. If a tooth is impacted, it may be difficult to remove.

Following the procedure, you will receive recovery instructions from our dentists at Emerald Dental Spa. Contact our dentists in Union, NJ, immediately if you experience any issues or have concerns during recovery.

If you would like more information about extractions near you, contact our dentist in Union, NJ.

How is a Tooth Extraction Done

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