Case 1

Before: This patient came in to get help with his missing teeth, discoloration, old failing crowns, and decay on the bottom of his mouth.

After: We removed all decay and increased the vertical dimension of occlusion. We utilized veneers, crowns, and bridges to complete the rehab of all the mandibular teeth. Next, we’ll start working on the upper teeth

Case 2

Before: This patient came in complaining about discoloration, old failing crowns, and decay in his lower teeth. He wanted all these issues fixed to give him a more confident smile.

After: All decay has been removed. We utilized veneers and crowns to complete the rehab of all mandibular teeth. The patient was thrilled with the results!

Case 3

Before: This patient was unhappy with an uneven and discolored front tooth and wanted to fix it and feel more confident while smiling.

After: We proceeded with a single tooth veneer for Tooth #8. This was a very conservative approach that delivered amazing results!

Case 4

Before: This patient came in with severe decay, uneven teeth, and in need of hygiene improvement.

After: We removed the decay, improved hygiene, and placed 6 veneers on teeth #6-11. The patient was very happy with the end results and the conservative approach to the treatment.

Case 5

Before: This patient’s concerns were the length of the front teeth, gingival recession, and crowding on the bottom teeth. We decided that Invisalign will be the best course of treatment.

After: After 12 months of cosmetic reshaping, the patient ended up with beautiful even teeth and a natural smile!

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